How to Get Started

Step 1

Check out our services and rates.

Step 2

If you are interested in our services, then contact us. We will have a short talk about your needs and then schedule a free consultation.

Step 3

Visit our Client Forms page. While on that page, notice the Client and Pet Profiles. These are mandatory. You can send them in by hand or by email. The Service Agreement and Vet Authorization forms are also there. You do not need to fill them out beforehand, these will be signed by hand before our first visit. We will bring copies with us so you don’t have to. We will need two copies of your house key. We take one on visits to care for your pets and the other will be locked away just in case something happens to the first.

Step 4

During the consultation, you and your pet will get to meet us. In order to reduce stress on your pet, it’s important that we are introduced inside their own home while you are present. We will go over the details you provided in the Pet Profile(s) and you can show us the rooms in your home that we need to be familiar with. Then we’ll work alongside you to create a schedule.

Step 5

The rest is up to us! You can go out of town or head to work knowing that your pet is being cared for, safe and comfortable at home. We’ll give you updates as often as you like through hand-written notes, email, call, or text, whichever you prefer.