01 Jun

6 Reasons Why Cats Need a Pet Sitter

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Cats can benefit in many ways from the use of an in-home pet sitter

Unlike dogs, cats are generally quite adaptable and are able to cope pretty well on their own and do not require as much attention or stimulation to carry on. Because of this, you might be tempted to believe that they can be left alone at home or boarded in a kennel while you are on vacation, but that can cause problems. Using the services of a professional pet sitter not only gives you peace of mind and assurance of your cat’s safety while you are away, among other benefits.


  1. Cats love familiarity: Having become used to the safety and comfort of your home, your cat may become stressed out if you decide to keep him or her in an unfamiliar surrounding like a kennel or even another home. Using a pet sitter in your home gives your cat a feeling of reassurance even when you are not there.
  2. Cats have emotional needs: Cats, too, have the need to for love, attention, and care like other pets. Leaving your cat alone at home or in a kennel or engaging an in-home pet sitter could mean the difference between coming back to meet a cat that just managed to survive without you and one that is well catered to, emotionally balanced and didn’t quite notice your absence.
  3. Cats love routine: Subjecting your cat, or any pet for that matter, to sudden drastic changes in routine can have undesirable consequences on his or her well being. Keeping your pets at home under professional care will ensure that their routine is not disrupted in any way.
  4. Cats need Adequate Care: Though generally not very demanding, cats still require a good deal of playtime and grooming. For instance, Jacques Arthur explains in his book Cat Keeping Guide that the hair mats of the Persian cat require at least 20 minutes of grooming daily and one hour of grooming per week. If you are in a similar situation and will not be available to do it yourself, your best bet is to hire a professional pet sitter. Also, your pet’s medications can be administered while you are away from home.
  5. Lower Health Risks: Apart from the emotional distress that kenneling or boarding exposes your cat to, he or she can easily pick up infections from the surroundings and other cats. In-home pet sitting minimizes this risk to a large extent and ensures that your cat stays healthy. Even if health issues arise, there is someone available to attend to them.
  6. Reduced Exposure to Domestic Accidents: Leaving your cat at home without supervision exposes her to hazards that could cause harm or even death. It is quite easy for cats to get stuck in enclosed places like heating vents and kitchen appliances. With a pet sitter checking in at regular intervals, the risk is minimized. There is also the possibility of something going wrong in the house – like the heating becoming faulty or a pipe leakage. Your pet sitter can easily notify you or get it fixed in your absence.

If your cat is in need of an in-home pet sitter in the St. Louis area, please contact Saint Louis Dog Walkers. We can provide food, medicine, water, and as much or little attention as they desire in a familiar environment at home.

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