20 Jul

Top 5 Tips for Pet Friendly Renting


Moving into a new residence is one of the top excuses used for owners who surrender their dogs to rescues and shelters. You don’t have to be one of those statistical pet owners that lose their furry family members when it comes to relocating. Instead, follow these 5 easy tips to bring your best friend along for the next chapter of your life.

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Tip 1

Research! Long before you sign on any dotted line for a lease, speak with the property manager about their pet policy. Ask for paperwork proving what they say is true, and make sure that the policy they give you is up to date. Far too many pet owners get confused and end up having to give away their dog because of an uninformed manager.

Tip 2

Training! Your dog should be 100% reliable with both his potty habits and his basic obedience. Any problem behaviors such as destructive chewing and barking can cause problems with your neighbors and land lord. If your puppy is still under going his basic training, now is not the time to slack on it! Seek help from a professional trainer when in doubt.

Tip 3

Have a waste removal plan ready to show your possible new landlord or property manager! Not all dog owners are welcome with open arms, and those that show some hesitations towards you will be impressed when you explain that all canine waste is promptly picked up and removed instead of left on their well maintained lawn.

Tip 4

Make plans for your dog during the actual move. Many dogs may get spooked and run off at some point during a moving event. Movers or friends and family that are helping to move your furniture and boxes ay accidentally leave a door open, leave the gate unlocked or even forget to put the dog in his crate. Instead, you can make plans to have your dog boarded either at a professional facility or at a friend’s home. This can also reduce his stress greatly, and keep him safe until he is ready to come to his new home with you.

Tip 5

Remember that an adjustment period will be needed for your dog to understand and feel comfortable about his schedule in a new place. Do not hesitate to remind him where his potty place is for the first few weeks. If your dog is crate trained and feels comforted in his crate, allow him to have access to his crate with his same old bed and favorite toy.

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare!

With a little research and preparation, you can ensure that your pooch can accompany you to your new abode. Preventing escapes, stress and bad behavior can make moving from one home to another a more pleasant experience for yourself and your dog!

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