05 Feb

What kind of human food can be a treat for your dog?

Probably the hardest thing a dog owner has to cope with is the begging eyes of his beloved companion when he serves dinner. We already consider our dog as part of the family, and it seems so unfair that our loyal friend cannot enjoy a tasty treat from our plate. Unfortunately, dogs are anatomically designed for different types of food than the ones we consume. All the foods that are so delicious to us can be very dangerous for them and can represent a real threat to their health. Another aspect you should always consider before you serve your dog a bite of your food is that we usually like to spice our dishes. We add salt, pepper and all types of spices, which can be bad for our dogs. So before you let go in front of your dog’s begging eyes, think that there is the risk to harm him. You can though give them an occasional treat from our food. But only certain food items won’t harm them. So to avoid unwanted indigestions, vomiting, diarrhea or other more severe symptoms, take a look at the list below and choose a healthy snack for your dog. Also, decide to give the treat after you are done eating, not during your dinner. You are the pack leader, and your dog should serve his meal after you are finished since he is in a submissive position in your family.

 Cottage Cheese

It is a type of cheese that contains the lowest fat and usually does not contain salt. So, it is a perfect light treat for your dog in a decent amount. But you should reconsider this treat if you know products made out of milk cause your dog diarrhea.


It is great for dogs with a more sensitive digestion. You can sprinkle a little over the dried food before you serve your dog his meal. Make sure you pick plain yogurt, without sweeteners, sugars or flavors. If you like natural yogurt, it is a treat you can both enjoy, as it is healthy for both of you.

✓ Chicken

Chicken meat is the safest source of protein for your dog. But only if you boiled it first, to avoid any food poisoning. Prepare it simple, without adding any salt or spices. You can even mix it with some cooked rice, from time to time, for a delicious meal. But don’t give your dog rice too often, as it may cause constipation.

✓ Carrots

Carrots are great raw or boiled. They are an excellent source of vitamins and fibers. If your dog accepts raw carrots, it is a great treat and great to keep gums and teeth healthy.

✓ Apples

Apples are an excellent source of Vitamin C and fibers. If your dog likes them, you can serve him small slices from now and then to replenish his vitamin needs.

✓ Pumpkin

It is a great treat especially if you know your pooch has digestive problems. It is also an excellent source for vitamin A. Served raw or from a can; it can be a delicious and healthy treat for your companion.

✓ Eggs

They are a great source of protein if cooked. Scramble an egg without using any oil, or just boil it until the yolk turns hard.


Now, here is the list of foods you should never serve your dog. It doesn’t matter how tasty they are for you, but they can pose a real danger to your dog’s health and even life.

! Chocolate

We love chocolate, and we tend to think it is good for our dogs too. Unfortunately, chocolate is one of the most toxic foods for them. It contains ingredients that are harmless to us, but can bring even death to our furry friends. If you want to serve chocolate to your dog, pick the particular types you find in pet shops.

!  Alcohol

Perhaps you heard stories or seen videos about drunk dogs. Getting dogs drunk puts their lives in danger. They become highly intoxicated and disoriented and definitely do not enjoy the experience. Never give your dog alcohol, if you love him.

! Milk

You may think milk is great due to the high content of calcium. Well, it is, but not for dogs. Dogs cannot digest the proteins in milk and can cause diarrhea. Also, itches can appear as an allergic response to this food.

! Raw meat

Yes, your dog is a carnivorous being, but giving him fresh meat won’t help. You can risk infecting him with bacteria like Salmonella or E.Coli. Always cook the meat before serving it to the dog. The best meat is chicken or fish.

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