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How Do I Stop My Dog From Barking? – 3 Reasons Why Dogs Bark

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Why do human babies cry? Basically because that is their primary mode of communication when hungry, seeking attention, or experiencing some form of discomfort. Usually, all a parent needs do to stop the crying is to sort out the baby’s needs. However, when the crying becomes excessive or incessant, you know there is something definitely wrong on a deeper level.

The same reasoning applies to your canine members of the family. Together with other body gestures, barking is a dog’s main means of communicating needs, excitement, and danger and so on. But when it becomes excessive or out of control, you need to investigate.

Look In Before You Look Out

A lot of times, the barking problem is not the fault of the dog, so if your dog barks all the time, you need to look within yourself first to be sure you are not the cause. Your dog looks up to you for leadership and unwanted behavior is usually an indication that you are missing out something important. Moreover, your dog depends on you to take care of his or her needs and when these are not being met, your pet resorts to barking to get your attention. Excessive or unwanted barking is a signal for you to check what you might not doing right.

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Stopping Your Dog from Barking

Here are 3 possible questions you need to ask if your dog barks and how you can help.

  1. Is your dog bored? Boredom is the most likely cause of a barking problem. You are probably not giving your dog enough exercises or outdoor play time to keep him or her happy and healthy. Dogs are naturally active creatures and when deprived of this, barking may be the only way to express it. A regular exercise regimen is an ongoing requirement for an emotionally and psychologically balanced dog and this should not be compromised. If your other activities would hinder this, you can get the assistance of a professional dog walker such as Saint Louis Dog Walkers
  2. Are You Sending The Wrong Signals? Your dog’s behavior is formed through positive reinforcement. Because of this, it is quite easy to unintentionally encourage the wrong behavior thorough your actions without even realizing it. For example, if you always cuddle her up when she welcomes you back home with a bark, you are telling your dog that it is okay to bark. The same thing may happen if you try shouting her down while barking- you are increasing the excitement. Train your dog to greet you through other means other than by barking. It is possible to train your dog to bark on command or only when for the right reasons.
  3. Am I Giving Enough Attention Or Affection? Your dog loves you and wants to be shown some love also. If your dog barks all the time, it may be because you have been ignoring him or her for too long. Devote quality time, once in a while, to give your dog a treat. Make physical connection with your dog as often as possible so your friend knows everything is okay.

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    • You can train them to pick up a toy when someone comes to the door so they have something in their mouths and can’t bark effectively. The worst thing to do is loudly tell them to stop, since they perceive that as you barking along with them. If they are exhibiting signs of nervousness, it could be anxious barking. You can help fix this by limiting what they can see outside. If they don’t know it’s there, they won’t react. Your best bet, however, is to go to your vet so he or she can help you pin down the cause. I hope this helps!

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