15 Jun

6 Reasons Dogs Need Regular Walks

2 women walking a dog

Regular dog walking provides many benefits

There are plenty of reasons why we don’t walk our dogs enough. We’re too busy. It’s too hot (or cold). We rationalize that small dogs get enough exercise running around the coffee table. But dogs really need daily walks. Here are six reasons why walks are beneficial to dogs (and humans:)

1. Obesity

Did you know that over HALF of American dogs are obese? Yes, you might think that little belly is cute, but what is it doing to the inside of your dog? Obese dogs, like humans, are more likely to get heart disease and diabetes. It won’t only shorten their lifespan, but it will lighten your pocketbook. And if you’re personally struggling to stave off the pounds, walking your dog is a great option. You get more exercise every day.

2. Instinct

Neither dogs nor humans were built to sit around on the couch all day. Wild dogs run around with their pack to find food. Before the plethora of convenient food options, humans had to get up and hunt or farm their food. We are both used to getting up and moving, so why fight instinct?

3. Boredom

The number one reason that dogs exhibit bad behavior? Lack of exercise. Simply put: they’re bored. You know the feeling of being stir-crazy if you sit home all weekend, order in, and binge watch something on Netflix. At the end of it, you feel bored. Imagine if that was your whole life. It is the same as putting your dog in solitary confinement. They need to get outside not only to stretch their legs but to stimulate their minds.

man walking 2 dogs

4. Lifespan

Dogs that are walked more tend to live longer. Dogs’ lifespans are short as it is, but we develop very strong bonds with our pets. After their pet dies, many dog owners regret not spending more time with their pet, including walking. This is especially the case if the condition the dog died from could have been avoided or managed through simple exercise.

5. Quality of Life

Some dogs need stairs in order to get up into the couch. They get arthritis and achy joints just like humans. In humans and canines, this sort of pain can be avoided by just walking. If you could do something for twenty minutes a day that would prevent your dog from living a life full of pain, wouldn’t you do it?

6. Confidence

If dogs are kept indoors, they never learn how to interact with people, deal with stimuli, etc. By consequence, when they inevitably run into these stimuli, they freak out because they do not know how to react. This creates a fearful dog. Fearful dogs have anxiety and are more likely to bite. Do not let this happen to your pets!

If you find yourself getting too busy to take your dog for a regular walk, contact us at Saint Louis Dog Walkers. We can provide your dog with exercise and companionship when you can’t.

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