20 Apr

Local Parks: Clayton Dog Park

entrance sign Clayton Dog Park

The sign you see when entering the Clayton Dog Park at Anderson Park from Clayton Road.

The city of Clayton offers dog owners in the area a relatively new dog park. This is another one of the great dog parks that Mid-County has to offer.

entrance at the clayton dog park

Members receive a pass code to open the gated entrance to the Clayton Dog Park. A sign with rules and membership requirements is posted at the entrance.

The park is located at Anderson Park at 8275 Clayton Rd 63105. Anderson Park was previously known as Haddington Court. Haddington Court was a neighborhood with a handful of houses that was leveled after a buyout from FEMA via the Missouri Sewer District. It was declared that these homes were in a flood plain of the nearby Deer Creek. This 4.56 acres of land was turned into a dog park of 2 acres in 2013 as well as an area for storm water management.

Tunnel at Clayton Dog Park

A tunnel is seen in the distance for dogs to run through and explore.

The park is secluded from the traffic on Clayton Rd. and provides a great place for dogs and their owners to socialize, exercise, and have fun. There is a tunnel for dogs to run through as well as a water area where dogs can splash around and have fun while getting wet. There is a dog water fountain inside the park so bowls can be easily filled up as well as plenty of seating inside the dog park for owners to use while their dogs play around. Picnic tables located outside the fenced-in dog park area are an ideal place for people to enjoy a meal outside.

picnic table at the clayton dog park

Picnic tables outside the dog park are available for all to enjoy a nice meal outside.

Dog park annual memberships are valid April through March and are offered to residents, people who work in Clayton, and non-residents. Up to three dogs per family are allowed to join the dog park. The rate for a resident is $80/year for the first dog and $60/year for additional dogs. The rate for people who work in Clayton is $100/year for the first dog and $75/year for additional dogs. Non-residents are charged $120/year for the first dog and $90/year for additional dogs. Membership applications are available online.

Dog park members are required to submit proof of vaccinations as well as proof that their dogs have been spayed or neutered. Members will receive a tag for each registered dog as well as a pass code for the gate. Dog park hours are 7 AM to dusk everyday.

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